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You are a very beautiful woman in spanish I Am Ready Nsa

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You are a very beautiful woman in spanish

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In this lesson, we will learn how to say "You're beautiful" in Spanish. If you want to say that a woman is beautiful in Spanish, the word for "beautiful" must be in feminine beajtiful.

Feminine words often end in "a. Gender rules in Spanish. If you want to tell a man he looks "beautiful", you need to change the adjectives to the masculine ending masculine words often end in "o".

And the adjectives mean the same thing for men. However, "guapo" means handsome while "guapa" means attractive.

It's a little bit formal and can be used to describe anything, from clothes, view, to people. It also means "beautiful" but it's less strong. It's much closer to "pretty" or "nice".

If you want to describe several people then, add "s" to "hermosa" or "hermoso. See also: How to say Have a nice day in Spanish. Translator Lookup. How to say "You're beautiful" in Spanish?

How to say You're beautiful in Spanish? How to say something is beautiful?

Gender rules in Spanish Let's take a look at some examples below: For examples: They are beautiful - Ellas you are a very beautiful woman in spanish hermosas plural-feminine They are beautiful - Ellos son hermosos plural-masculine See also: How to say Have a nice day in Spanish Other common expressions: Learn Spanish How to ask for help in Spanish Making yo and giving advice in Spanish How to express wishes and hopes in Spanish?

Spanish vocabulary: Wedding Spanish vocabulary - Tastes Spanish expressions: Male gay erotic massage on the phone How to order food in Spanish? Expressing doubt and denial in Spanish Here, there, and over there in Spanish Spanish cooking verbs Spanish present progressive tense How to tell time in Spanish.